I am a huge lover of people; I could sit and watch you all walk by for hours. I love to chat, I find myself talking to strangers all the time.

I’m a mum to two great little humans and married to a great guy. I don’t cook, mostly because my husband is amazing at it. I drink coffee all day.  I love road trips, especially in the Fall.  Shopping local is important to me. If I could survive off of coffee, wine, sour-keys and chips, I would.  I live in a house made of rocks, come see it!  

Why I love my job…

My job is never a chore, I see it as a privilege. I’m flattered to be chosen as the lucky person who gets to document such a significant day in a couple’s life. I get the freedom to capture sweet moments and freeze them in time, whether it’s capturing the groom’s expression as he sees his bride for the first time, or their first kiss as man and wife. Even behind my camera, one small moment can take my breath away and move me to tears. By the end of the day I feel a real connection with my couples. I’ve been allowed to follow them through one the most personal and beautiful days of their lives and preserve it for them. 

My images may never grace a cover of a magazine, but my hope is that they will be passes on through generations of family members, and to me that means so much more.